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Golden age vacations – Easy and enjoyable vacationing

The young at heart deserve, and if we may even venture to say, have earned the right to enjoy life to its fullest. After raising kids, completing rewarding careers and meeting all other challenges of life, those who reached the retirement age, have earned the right to enjoy it. But retirement should not be limited to watching television, reading books, caring for grandchildren and doing mundane tasks, it should also include personal time to care for oneself and an opportunity to carry out some of the dreams that are so difficult to achieve in the day to day grind.

Who has not fantasized of traveling overseas? Many probably have and have done so in the past. But today that thought of confronting flights, driving from place to place, locating restaurants and hotels and struggling with foreign languages, has probably deterred you. Well, we are here to fulfill your fantasies in beautiful Toscana, Italy.

Our company is one of the only tour operators specializing in Tuscan vacations for those young at hearts (but not necessarily of age). Our groups are limited to 16 persons. From the moment you arrive to the airport in the United States we will take care of you. You will board a direct flight to Rome or Florence where one of our representatives will meet you. You will be taken by an air conditioned tour minibus from Rome to Tuscany (about a 3 hour drive including stops). In Tuscany, near the City of Cortona, you will stay in an upscale authentic 17th century Tuscan Villa that will serve as your center of travel and activities.

We will personally attend to all details, big and small, including a phone call home to announce your safe arrival, assistance in all matters, medical supervision as needed and accident insurance while in our care. A hospital is 10 minutes away and there is a pharmacy in nearby Cortona.

The Tuscan Villa is spacious, air conditioned, with comfortable showers, garden with rest areas, television (with English speaking channels), music and wine each night and, most specially, the great feeling and homely atmosphere.

In the morning breakfast will be served, you will also visit Tuscan restaurants, participate in cooking classes, visit museums and churches, taste the best wine in world in one of the best Tuscan wineries in Montepuliciano, visit Florence and the Statue of David by Michelangelo, and view oil paintings and 3000 year old archeology.

When you return you will have a sense of fulfillment of having achieved one more dream, visiting and enjoying Tuscany.

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