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To relax, to breathe nature, landscape and history on your own pace.

You are in a constant pressure cooker, the rhythm of life dictates your behavior, you have no control over what happens, and even when you retire, you discover that you have no time left for yourself.

Tuscany Easy Going is not an invention of our company, which has been engaged in the organization of adult tours in small groups of up to 16 people. The idea of ​​Tuscany Easy Going was born from a random meeting with Carl Honore, who is the Guru of the Slow Movement, Slow Food, Slow Europe  and other Slows. Carl  Honore was a guest for a week with his family at the Villa La Mucchia few years ago. We became acquainted with his theory and decided, also because of our advanced age, to welcome and adopt this approach of Quality rather than Quantity.

The approach of Catch as much as you can is suitable for young people, the youth seek adventures and plow deep on European roads, rent a suitable car and climb over one hundred and eighty kilometers per hour when all the beautiful cities and landscapes pass by the highway without being noticed. In the evening they arrive in a big city, blow a few bottles of beer or tequila and celebrate Until the wee hours of the night in some mass populated disco.

Is this suitable for everyone? Is it also suitable for young married couples with infants? Maybe, if they left the children at home with grandmothers and drove alone. But is it also suitable for adults who are already retired or about to retirement? Absolutely not.

Here we enter in the picture and offer a large selection of tours according to fixed dates and size of groups. Each list closes when it reaches sixteen members, whether it is singles or couples, it does not matter.

Registration is done directly with the company that organizes the tours which is located in the city of Cortona in Tuscany, or through our partner agency Metatron Travel, which is located in Auburn, USA.

All questions and answers will be given in English and by telephone or by email.

All excursions begin with pick-up from the airport in Italy and arrival at Villa La Mucchia in Tuscany. This is the basis of where the day trips take place. The villa will be exclusive to the group’s participants and will not have other guests. The villa is located at the foot of the city of Cortona and is a three-hundred-year-old farmhouse that ten years ago became a luxury apartment hotel with thirteen bedrooms in nine apartments. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.

The hotel’s dining room is on the back of the building and faces a rose garden, lawns and a swimming pool immersed in spectacular scenery. Rooms are furnished in Tuscan style, the beds are spacious and comfortable and have orthopedic mattresses. The transportation for the day trips is done at convenient hours and there is time for rest, for an independent visit or to stay and enjoy the tranquility of the place.

Every morning a fresh breakfast is served with hot rolls from local bakery, eggs, salads, cold cuts and cheeses, a rich and nutritious breakfast.

The nearby town has a large selection of restaurants and pizzerias as well as cafes with fresh croissants and it is easy to reach the town which is about three kilometers from the villa. There is a taxi service active at any time, for those who want to leave the hotel and travel a bit in the area.

All in all, Tuscany Easy Going R Us. You will experience the undiscovered Tuscany, Tuscany of hidden places, treasures of nature and magnificent views that will remain a long time in your memory. Experience and selection of selected places which are specially adapted for this kind of trip. See much, but at your own pace

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