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Tuscany for Senior Citizens

Our tours to Tuscany are meant to be for any person, whose physical limitations do not allow him to join the regular tour packages offered by tourist agencies around the globe. Due to the lack of homogeneity of the travelers and the ability or disability of some; a situation that can lead to discomfort on both sides and thus to the disappointment of those who come to enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful Tuscany.

Our offer includes

Transfer from the airport to the Villa La Mucchia and back.

2 rich meals a day in the luxurious dining room of the villa, taking in account special needs.

Duration: 7-10 days in which guests will be accommodated in suites in a villa built in the 17th century

The group will be limited to 16 travelers only

24 hours medical care by a local doctor

Help with luggage when you arrive at the villa and back.

The daily tours will be in the immediate vicinity. We will visit Cortona, the nearby city, which is the second most important art city in Tuscany, as well as in towns around with many cafés and places of rest. The participants will be accompanied by two escorts. There will be no more than 1-2 hour’s drive distance journeys per day. The program will change as needed and on requests of the guests. Due to splitting into two vehicles we can maneuver between the requirements of one group the other.

Many groups of Israelis and Americans return every year to Villa La Mucchia, which specializes in hospitality for seniors and for those who have special needs, with personal attention throughout their stay in the area until they are transported back to the airport on their way home.

Among the recommended places to visit will be

Valdichiana Outlet village a small shopping village spread over a large area on the ground floor, cafes and gardens, which is convenient to stroll around and enjoy shopping and rest on with a cup of coffee.

Travel the wine route to Montepulciano with stunning views of beautiful Tuscany, small stops to go down and enjoy the view. Arriving in the small and flat town of Pienza, a short visit to the town and sitting in a shady place or in cafes.

The city of Cortona has a beauty and exclusion spanning 500 meters above sea level, overlooking the Chiana Valley, a 3,000-year-old city of ancient history. The main street is flat and full of cafes and restaurants where you can sit and watch both the landscape and the passersby and enjoy a cappuccino and croissant.

The city center of Arazzo, an enjoyable excursion to one of the important cities in Tuscany, museum and Renaissance paintings for those who want to explore this.

Monte Oliveto Maggiore, a Benedictine monastery with 36 most beautiful frescoes, we will descend with the car and take the guests down to the convent where the walk is easy and short and then collect them on our way back, but the escorts will stay with them throughout the visit.

If the group seems ready and able to see more places, there is no end to explore Tuscany. Even sitting by the pool and watching the sunset and sipping good wine is an experience in itself.

And there is nothing like letting your soul go free even when it seems to you that life is behind you, every age is beautiful in itself and full of challenges.

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